Brewer Science and Pixelligent Develop Hardmask for Advanced Semi Lithography

Pixelligent was selected to present back-to-back years at the annual TechConnect Venture Forums in Anaheim, CA and Boston, MA (2010, 2011)

The innovative hardmask combines nanocrystal and microelectronic coating technologies. The collaboration also received an $8M Technology Innovation Program award from NIST. The hardmask was created using Pixelligent's nanocrystal and dispersion technologies combined with Brewer Science's polymer technology. Both companies believe their hardmask offers multiple improvements, including reducing line collapse, improving etch selectivity, and offers broad resist compatibility. Tony Flaim, CTO of Brewer Science, notes that the companies will continue to collaborate.

The release also notes, "We are very proud that Brewer Science, one of the leading materials suppliers to the semiconductor industry, selected Pixelligent to be its partner…I am confident that the semiconductor industry will quickly realize the tremendous value this next generation Hardmask offers," said Craig Bandes, President & CEO of Pixelligent Technologies.

Pixelligent Technologies will be exhibiting at Nanotech 2012, part of TechConnect World. The company was also selected to present at multiple TechConnect Venture Forums, including 2010 and 2011.

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