Australia and Korea Universities Come Together to Develop Next-Generation Solar Cells

The University of Queensland and Yonsei University are combining their expertise in areas of polymer patterning and materials science

The MOU will bring together The University of Queensland's Institute for Bioengieering and Nanotechnology (Professor Ajayan Vinu's research group) with Yonsei University's Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (Professor Eunkyoung Kim, and School of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering, Professor Cheolmin Park).

The University of Queensland AIBN has the expertise in materials science, porous semiconducting,and bio-nanomaterials. Yonsei researchers have the knowledge in polymer patterning and fabrication.

In addition to research collaborations, AIBN and Yonsei will run joint conferences, foster student exchanges, and there are plans for a joint lab in Korea.

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