MC10 Recruits Pro Athletes to Help Develop Next Generation Performance Monitoring Devices

MC 10 was selected to present at the TechConnect Venture Forum 2011, Boston

The MC10 Sports Advisory Board includes NFL quarterback Matt Hasselbeck, NBA star Grant Hill, and John Thompson III, former men's basketball coach at Georgetown University. Current performance monitoring devices are viewed as bulky and do not offer the most accurate data that is required for professional athletes. The flexible electronics company will develop a sensing platform that can monitor an athlete's heart rate, hydration levels, speed, and other measures of athletic performance. Earlier this year, MC10 recently raised $2 Million in venture funds, and attracted $15 Million last August.

The 2012 TechConnect Venture Forum will be held June 21 in Santa Clara, CA, the heart of Silicon Valley. To view the program and presenting companies, visit:

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