Interview With: Patricia Ansems Bancroft - The Dow Chemical Company

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Patricia Ansems Bancroft

TechConnect News had the unique opportunity to interview Patricia Ansems-Bancroft, Fellow at The Dow Chemical Company (Dow).  Dow is a diversified company, with interest areas that include energy production, infrastructure, consumer health, lifestyle, nutrition, water purification, packaging, electronics, communications, and crop protection. 

Mrs. Ansems Bancroft has been with Dow for 21 years, and is a member of Dow’s Corporate Venturing Organization, which identifies and nurtures new business opportunities for Dow. Patricia tells TechConnect News that she and her colleagues are charged with developing and nurturing completely new businesses for Dow, as well as adjacent opportunities for the existing business units within the company. 

At next month’s TechConnect World conference in Santa Clara, Patricia will be seeking new technology concepts and collaboration opportunities.  “Dow has no initial limitations. We review everything from early stage to commercialized technologies for potential strategic fit,” Patricia tells TechConnect News.  “Our criteria are more along the lines of having a technological innovation with an associated value proposition.  The inventor needs to provide some idea of what market is it stressing; what problem is it solving?”  She also stresses that “equally important is a good articulation of the technology’s competitiveness.”  The role of Dow then becomes to determine how the company can accelerate or contribute to the technology’s success.

Patricia tells TechConnect News that “Dow’s internal R&D recognizes there are many innovations occurring around the world.  One way of accessing those is via our scouting team, that goes out to find innovations that can contribute to Dow’s innovation focus”. She and her colleagues find TechConnect to be very beneficial.  “It provides a rich pool of technologies, and it is helpful to have the TechConnect pre-vetting system, plus a facilitated conference, to meet the inventors and discuss potential value propositions or collaborations.”

Mrs. Patricia Ansems-Bancroft will be giving a corporate partner presentation on June 20 at TechConnect World 2012-link underline to:

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