Venture Profile: NanoAxis

NanoAxis creates functionalized quantum dots for drug/gene delivery and customized medical devices using patented quantum dot development and manufacturing.

President: Krishnan V. Chakravarthy
Location: New York
Industry: Biotechnology/Nanotechnology
Venture is: Seed Level

Overview courtesy of K. Chakravarthy, NanoAxis

NanoAxis is a start-up company founded by Krishnan Chakravarthy, Darren Leskiw, Indrajit Roy, and Tom Sass. The company’s ultimate mission is to be the leader in integrating nanotechnology into the art of medicine. Currently, the company has defined its niche in the generation of functionalized quantum dots for both biological and industrial applications. At next month’s TechConnect Summit, we are looking for pharmacological and academic partners who are interested in creating regional drug delivery platforms and industrial companies who can use quantum dot technology in their products.


K. Chakravarthy and P. Knight, NanoAxis

NanoAxis takes pride in its scientific integration. Our management and scientific board (Dr. Paul Knight and Dr. Paras Prasad) are practicing physicians and researchers who are intimate with the technology development. This synergy provides for very creative and novel approaches on projects relating to biological applications, especially in the realm of drug delivery. Currently, our company portfolio includes three US patent applications for functionalized quantum dot manufacturing, and two US dockets on quantum dot applications related to regional drug/gene delivery. Our quantum dots are both cadmium-based and cadmium free-based. The cadmium based quantum dots generated though a high-output methodology are unique due to their double-layer coating while still retaining high photo-stability. These dots would be highly useful for non-biological applications. Our cadmium free quantum dots are typically silicon based and offer higher biological and environmental compatibility, extremely suitable for drug delivery applications.


D. Leskiw, K. Chakravarthy, T. Sass, and I. Roy, NanoAxis

We are always interested in additional areas of interest regarding development of nano-devices for medical and scientific applications as our expertise also extends to this area.

As a company, NanoAxis holds its products and members to the highest level of excellence, forming the core foundation to realizing our goal to achieve operational and scientific breakthroughs at present and for the future.

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Annual Meeting

TechConnect World 2015
National Harbor, MD, June 29 thru July 1, 2020