Venture Profile: Aphios Corporation

Aphios Corporation is a biopharmaceutical company that is developing enabling technology platforms to improve the discovery natural therapeutics, the manufacturing of rare and complex bioactive molecules and viral vaccines, the nanotechnology delivery of therapeutic proteins, sRNAi, and hydrophobic small molecules, and the pathogenic safety of biologics including human plasma and monoclonal antibodies.

SuperFluids™, the key and common component of Aphios' patented technology platforms, are supercritical, critical or near-critical fluids with or without cosolvents which, when compressed, exhibit enhanced thermodynamic properties of penetration, selection, solvation and expansion. These fluids are manipulated on a cellular level to increase process selectivity and speed while reducing processing steps, toxic organic usage and manufacturing costs.

Products produced by these processes are quite "green" since they significantly reduce or eliminate the use of organic solvents and their environmental disposal, protects biologics such as therapeutic proteins and vaccine antigens from denaturation by organic solvents utilized in conventional processing, and positively impacts human safety by eliminating or minimizing residual toxic organic solvents in final drug products.

Utilizing these enabling technology platforms, Aphios is developing enhanced therapeutics for health maintenance as well as the prevention and treatment of certain cancers, infectious diseases, CNS disorders and drug addictions.


Aphios' SuperFluids™ Nanoencapsulation Bench-Scale Apparatus

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