Venture Profile: Prism Solar Technologies, Inc.

Prism Solar Technologies, Inc. (PST) will manufacture a unique planar concentrator photovoltaic ("PV") module that incorporates proprietary holographic optical films to achieve low module manufacturing costs.

President & CEO: Rick Lewandowski
Location: New York, US
Industry: Solar Power
Venture is: B-Round

Overview courtesy of Prism Solar Technologies

The company's primary business focus will be to sell the films to module manufacturers however PST will also produce modules for domestic markets. The Holographic Planar Concentrator ("HPC") technology uses volume holographic films to collect, spectrally select, and focus sunlight onto solar cells for power and specialty applications. The HPC elements replace up to 70% of the expensive silicon cells of a traditional module and produce 5%-10% more kWh per rated Wp compared to traditional modules. Prism's HPC technology can be used with any PV cell technology, including thin film.

A strong management team led by seasoned PV veterans complements the strengths of the scientific team that developed the technology. Prism's management has extensive experience in designing, fabricating and selling PV products and systems. Prism has an R&D laboratory in Tucson, Arizona, and is acquiring a production facility in Ulster County, New York, which will be operational in April 2009. The firm has raised over $8.5MM to date.

Prism Solar is currently looking for strategic partnerships, and has submitted into the TechConnect 2009 Ventures program, taking place May 5-6, 2009, in Houston, TX, USA.


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