Clean Technology Industry Association Launches Program to Aid Start-ups in Economic Downturn

The Clean Technology & Sustainable Industries Organization (CTSI) hsa announced the launch of its new cleanConnect program, aimed at assisting emerging cleantech companies during the recession.

Recognizing the effect that the Wall Street collapse is having on young companies in the sector, CTSI is offering an in-kind membership program to help companies in the areas that are most essential for surviving and growing – partnership building, policy advocacy, resource/information sharing, and funding.

Patricia Glaza, Executive Director & CEO of CTSI, notes, “The mission of CTSI is to increase the development and deployment of technologies that will lead to a more sustainable world. The cleanConnect program advances this mission by supporting the companies that are essential to our future.”

The cleanConnect program provides free membership to eligible companies that are willing to work together to develop solutions to market barriers, policy roadblocks, and technology challenges. Program details can be found at:

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