Venture Profile: XiGo Nanotools

Particle surface area and size are important properties of nanomaterials. XiGo Nanotools provides compact, innovative instruments to measure these and other nanomaterial properties.
President: Sean Race
Location: New Jersey, US
Industry: Instrumentation
Venture is: A Round

XiGo Nanotools is a developer of R&D and QC level nanoparticle analysis instrumentation. The company has completed the first instrument (patented) of a series of NMR based devices to measure important features of nanoparticles relating to their processability and performance.

Recently, XiGo Nanotools secured $150,000 in funding from Ben Franklin Technology Ventures (BFTV) for its lead product, the Acorn Area™. In addition to the funding, XiGo Nanotools will occupy laboratory space at the BFTP incubator on the campus of Lehigh University. The funding will enable XiGo to complete building ten prototype units and prepare the company for commercial release of the Acorn Area™.


XiGo’s Acorn Area™ measures the surface area and volume fraction of nanoparticles in concentrated liquids in approximately ten minutes; this significantly improves upon conventional techniques that can require several hours of sample preparation in order to determine surface area. An extension of the technology to permit measurement of particle size is currently under development.

Commercial particle characterization tools for nanotechnology represent a $400 Million global market and serve a wide variety of high growth industries such as energy storage devices, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.

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Austin, TX, December 1-3, 2015

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