Venture Profile: Matter, Inc. / NRG Matters Inc.

Plasmonic PV involves nanoscale engineering of metallic structures in solar cells. Matter, Inc., (MTR) have pioneered development of unique plasmonic PV coatings for existing thin film solar platforms to enable low cost, high efficiency cells.

President: Anthony Defries
Scientific Advisor: Mark Brongersma
Location: California, US
Industry: Solar
Venture is: Seed Round

Overview Courtesy of Matter, Inc.

Matter’s thin film solar coatings can enhance overall efficiency by 25-50% without increasing costs. They can be incorporated in existing commercial manufacture using industry friendly process/deposition methods. Suntech recently announced plans to explore cheaper, more efficient plasmonic solar cells in the first industry endorsement of this exciting new space.

The company notes they offer a simple yet disruptive bridge between second and third generation solar cells. Plasmonic coatings will provide third generation performance today. Other researchers are pursuing plasmonics for next generation cells requiring expensive/lengthy development and a steep learning curve. Early deployment of plasmonic coatings will enhance existing platforms in the near term and place the company in a leading position to incorporate the technology in next generation cells.

MTR have created NRG Matters, Inc. (NRG) as a dedicated entity to develop and commercialize the technology. NRG is seeking strategic alliances and funding. NRG anticipates closing a seed round in May/June 2009 with leading Cleantech Venture Capital Groups. Funding to date has been obtained from private investors.

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