Modumetal and the University of Washington Partnership Receives Funding for Anti-Corrosion Technology

Modumetal will develop an innovative commercial anti-corrosion technology in partnership with University of Washington's Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Story Courtesy of Washington Technology Center

Modumetal, Inc., a Seattle-based developer of nanostructured materials, is collaborating with the University of Washington's Department of Materials Science and Engineering on a project titled "Functionally-Graded Preceramic Polymer Coating for Corrosion Resistant Commercial Sulfuric Acid Pipelines."

With this project, the team of Modumetal and UW Professor Rajendra Bordia, Ph.D., plans to modify a preceramic polymer system developed at the University to merge with a functionally graded materials system developed by Modumetal for corrosion protection of commercial sulfuric acid production pipelines for ConocoPhillips. Modumetal expects that successful application of this technology will lead to many opportunities in the $300 million corrosion-prevention market.

The $5,000 award for this project comes from an Entrepreneur's Access grant from Washington Technology Center (WTC). WTC competitively awards around $1 million in state funding annually for research and technology development projects.

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