California State Polytechnic University, Pomona

Photocatalysis of Rhodamine B in water using nanotechnology

Removal of Water Contaminants Using Nanotechnology

California State University

Multilayered nanostructures with controlled magnetic configurations

California State University. Los Angeles

Modeling of spontaneous phase separation in nanomaterials and confined systems with electron correlations

Effect of circular dichroism in chiral photonic crystal liquid with enclosed defect layer inside

Resonance transmission of the electron wave through the nanofilms containing a magnetic quantum well

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Fabrication of Conductive Nanoporous Membranes using Self-Assembling Block for Electrically Controlled Diffusive Flow

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Novel Nanoeletromechanical Switches for VLSI Power Integrity Improvement

Catholic University of America

Use life cycle assessment and risk assessment tools to oversee the development of nanomaterial in building industry


Aerosolization of Carbon Nanotubes Using an Acoustic Generator: Particle Generation and Properties


Non-conductive ferromagnets based on core double-shell nanocomposites for radio-electric applications

Li salt rich separator for Li-ion batteries

Determination of the bi-substrate kinetic coefficients for the beta-D-glucose- NAD-GDH enzymatic reaction

Nanostructured lipid carriers as delivery systems of chemically grafted protein antigens

Study of low Rayleigh heaters for biomedical diagnostic tools

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Piezoelectric actuators, next driver for MEMS market?

CEA Grenoble

Low-cost screen printed and embossed LAMP micro-reactors


Towards generic platforms for MEMS manufacturing

CEA Leti

Deterministic Lateral Displacement (DLD): Finite element modeling and experimental validation for particle trajectory and separation