Faculdade de Farmácia cda Universidade de Lisboa

Design of a novel melatonin Pickering emulsion sunscreen

Faculty of Science, University of Tuzla

Substrate addition and matrix optimization increased sensitivity and selectivity of the PLGA sensor, resulting in a stronger detection signal toward bacterial contaminations

Federal University of Goias

Uses of Self-assembled Peptide structures doped with electroluminescent compounds

Federal University of Parana

The maximization of hydrogen rhythmic production in large scale photobioreactors from genetically modified microalgae biomass

Are microalgae a possible energy source for a sustainable world?

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro

Fiber-optic sensor for bacteria detection based on intensity-modulated SPR by monochromatic excitation

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul

Surface Treatment of Kevlar® Polyaramid Fibers with Imidazolium Dicationic-based Ionic Liquids

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory and Northern Illinois University

Compact Superconducting Radio-frequency Accelerators and Innovative RF Systems


Industrial Accelerators – Beyond Transformers and Cyclotrons, More Power

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Evaluation of the genotoxic potential of different types of nanofibrillated celluloses

FJ Consulting, LLC

Crement & Concrete: Where are we going

Flinders University

Carbon Nanotube Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells

Florida Polytechnic University

A Framework for Identifying Sustainability Performance Targets for Nanomaterials

Florida State University

The Fabrication and Characterization of Nanocarbon Foam as Novel Wick Material for Thermal Management of Electronics

Flow Science Inc

Numerical Analysis of Acoustophoretic Discrete Particle Focusing in Microchannels

Flowers Sch of Technology & Management

Abuse Prevention by Controlled Release of Opioids from Micro to Nano-structured Silica Xerogel Delivery Systems

Fluid-Screen, Inc.

High efficiency capture of multiple bacterial species by microfluidic dielectrophoresis filter

Real-time bacterial capture and sorting using dielectrophoresis and electroosmosis

Fondazione ELBA Nicolini

Microarray based Functional Nanoproteomics and Cancer

From Nanogenomics and Structural-Functional Proteomics to Personalized Medicine for Oral Lichen Planus (OLP) as a Translational Model of Oral Cancer Usefull to Introduce an Industrial Technical Innovation