Institute of Problems of Chemical Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences

Stable Magnetic Isotopes as New Trend in Nanonuclear Biotechnology

Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramics ISTEC CNR

Hexadecane and water droplets impacting on amphiphobic surfaces

Instituto de Investigaciones Eléctricas

The Use of Nano Fillers in Silicone Rubber Composites for High Voltage Insulators

Instytut Technologii Elektronowej

CarrICool – the Innovative 3D Interposer Platform for HPC Systems: Analysis, Simulations, Optimization, Practice for Reliability Improvement and Performance Increase

Multi-cantilever array sensor system with MOEMS read-out

Intact Genomics, Inc.

Reviving natural product and drug discovery pipelines with fungal artificial chromosome (FAC) technology

Iowa State University

Biorenewable Production Pathway for Nylon and PET

Ferromagnetic Gd5Si4 Nanoparticles for Medical Applications

Iowa State University Research Foundation

Piezoelectric-Based Vibration Energy Harvester

Visible Light Absorbing Photoremovable Protecting Groups

High Sensitivity MEMS Pressure Sensor

Islamic Azad University

Epoxy/Silica Nanocomposite: Effect of Silica Nanoparticles, Thermal Stability, and Modeling of the Curing Kinetics

Islamic Azad University, Shiraz

Graphene oxide/vinyl ester resin nanocomposite: the effect of graphene oxide, curing kinetics, mechanical properties and thermal stability

Istanbul Sehir University

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy of Silicon Carbide Nanowires

A model for an Optical Ring Microresonator towards Nanoparticle Detection

Indium Nitride Nanowire Growth by Chemical Vapor Deposition and Electrical Characterization

İstanbul Technical University

Structural and Optical Properties of Rare Earth Nano-Crystalline Oxides Embedded in Polymethyl Methacrylate

Upconversion emission properties and un-expected white light emission from Er3+/Yb3+ doped Gd2O3 nano – phosphors

Istanbul Technical Unıversity

Effect of Pressure and Excitation Power on Up-conversion Assisted White Light Emission in Yttrium Oxide and Silicate Nanophosphors

Italian Institute of Technology

Targeted delivery of anti-cancer drug sorafenib through magnetic solid lipid nanoparticles