National Research Council Canada

Development and Characterization of Commercial Boron Nitride Nanotube Product Forms

National Research Council of Canada

Fabrication of Polymeric Membranes with Micro and Nano Apertures over Large Areas

National Taiwan University

An inkjet printed NO2 sensor operating under room temperature and low humidity environment

Gold Nanoshells With Micellar Core for The Delivery of Hydrophobic Chemotherapeutic and Cancer Photothermal Therapy

National Tsing Hua University

Mechanical and Dielectric Properties of Polyhedral Oligomeric Silsesquioxanes Modified Graphene Oxide/Polyimide Nanocomposites

National University of Kaohsiung

Bio-inspired Nanosucker Structures for Dry Adhesives

Bio-inspired Polydopamine Treatment and Nanosilver Formation for Antibacterial Uses

National University of Singapore

Unexpected interactions of nanoparticles with endothelial and epithelial cells

Low-cost spin-coatable, Transferable, and High-k Ion Gel Dielectric for Flexible Eletrowetting

Low-cost spin-coatable, Transferable, and High-k Ion Gel Dielectric for Flexible Eletrowetting

National Yunlin University of Science and Technology

Effect of UV radiation for thermal stability and decomposition products of ADVN

Estimation on autocatalytic reaction on ethanolamine –A green approach

Naval Research Lab/ University of Maryland College Park

Cellular Delivery Modalities for Semiconductor Quantum Dots: A Comparative Analysis

Naval Research Laboratory

Sensing voltage change across a lipid bilayer

Enhanced Kinetics of Enzymatic Nanosensors

Effective Multistep Exciton Delivery Through DNA-based Photonic Wires

Fire Resistant, 2nd Generation Resorcinol, PEEK™-Like Phthalonitrile Composites For Advanced Applications

NETZSCH Premier Technologies

NETZSCH Nanotechnology Advancements and Applications

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Carbon Nanotube Immobilized Membranes for Next Generation Desalination

Continuous Production of Polymer Coated Drug Crystals, Particles and Nanoparticles by Hollow Fiber Membrane-based Cooling Crystallization and Anti-solvent Crystallization