Oak Ridge National Lab

Using Neutrons to Probe the Electromechanical Response Mechanism of Ionic Block Copolymers

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Maskless Lithography of Nanometer-Scale Circuit Structures in Supported, Single-Layer Graphene Using Helium Ion Microscopy

Polymerized Ionic Liquid Films in Strong Electric Fields: Ion Transport and Nanopatterning

Neutron Scattering for Biological Research: Progress at the Bio-SANS Beam Line

Vertically Aligned Graphene sheets Based Coatings as Nano-micro-structured Electrodes for Enhanced Performance of Supercapacitors

G-Mode KPFM: Bringing Kelvin probe force microscopy into the information age

Learning the Physics and Chemistry of Surfaces via Machine Vision and Deep Data Analysis

Using in situ Neutron Reflectometry to Study Solid-­Electrolyte Interphase Formation in aSi and Sn Anode Materials

Oak Ridge National Laboratory/Georgia Institute of Technology

Preliminary Performance Evaluation of a Ground-Level Integrated Diverse Energy Storage (GLIDES) Prototype System

Ocean University of China

Adsorption of Cl adatom on Na-Decorated graphene

OCSiAl LLC (OCSiAl Group)

SWCNT vs MWCNT and Nanofibers. Applications in lithium-ion batteries and transparent conductive films

SWCNT TUBALL as a universal conductive additive in plastics

Oklahoma State University

Tailoring Particle Behavior for Phase Transfer Catalysis: Recent Developments by the Center for Interfacial Reaction Engineering

OMAX Corporation

Precision Abrasive-Waterjet Machining of Most Materials from Macro to Micro Scales

Ondax, Inc.

THz-Raman® Characterization of Graphene and Two-Dimensional Nanomaterials

OO Energiesparverband

Solar battery program in Austria - innovative solutions for increasing solar coverage

Oregon State University

A Multifunctional Theranostic Nanoplatform for Image-Guided Surgery and Intraoperative Therapy

Osaka Electro-Communication University

Conductive Ppy-DS/Fe-MMT Layered Nanocomposites

Osaka Prefectural College of Technology

Structural Determination of Silica-Based Fire-Proof Heat Insulation

Osmania University College for Women

Photoluminescence Studies of Green Synthesized Copper Nanoparticles