Vanderbilt University

Particle/Polymer Nanofiber Mat Electrodes for Hydrogen/Air Fuel Cells

Victoria University of Wellington

A novel demonstration of the dichroic effect exhibited by gold nanoparticles and their incorporation into polymer materials

Anisotropic Wetting Behaviour of Modified 3D Printed Micro-Structured Polymer Surfaces for Water Harvesting

A Novel Composite Nanostructured Calcium Silicate – Calcium Carbonate Material Produced from Geothermal Water and its Environmental Remediation and Industry Applications

Victoria University of Wellington, Nuenz Limited, NZ and NZ Product Accelerator

Exploring the Interface: Improving the Mechanical Properties of Silicon Nitride Fibre - Polymer Composites

Vilnius University

SEM Characterization of Adipose Tissue Structure

Vireo Advisors, LLC

Demonstrating the Safety of Cellulose Nanomaterials – high performance bio-based materials

Virginia Commonwealth University

Silk biocomposites as flexible and biodegradable electrochemical sensors

Virginia Tech

Metal-Monolithic Ceramic/Metal Composite Castings Produced Using 3D Printed Sand Molds and Cores

Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences

Application of Angular Method to Correct Channel Spacing Between AWG Demultiplexed Channels

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd.

High-consistency enzymatic fibrillation (HefCel) – a cost-efficient way to produce cellulose nanofibrils (CNF)


Novel electrospun PVA/Fe-MOF nanofibres as a super adsorbing material of lead ions in aqueous solution

Vysoká škola báňská – Technická univerzita Ostrava

Cavitation Disintegration of Microparticles and Nanoparticles in Dense Liquid Dispersions

Vytautas Magnus University

Estimation of the Energetic Barrier to Pore Formation and the Pore Radius Corresponding to this Barrier for Different Cell Lines

Dependence of the Energy of Electric Pulse Required to Electroporate the Cell on the Pulse Duration for Pulses from 50 ns to 500 ms