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A novel nano-sized polymer microsphere as a potential shale stabilizer in water-based drilling fluids

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nPortTM Platform Nanotechnology for Liposome Manufacturing:from 20 to 200nm and from Micrograms to Kilograms

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Intelligent Energy Management and Power Distribution Panel

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Mass Production and Application of Electrospun Polyimide Porous Membranes for Li-Ion Battery

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Effect of matrix components with low thermal conductivity and density on performances of cement-EPS/VM insulation mortar

Using Neutrons to Probe the Electromechanical Response Mechanism of Ionic Block Copolymers

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Drying Graphene Nanofluid on Heated Substrate

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The Key Technologies of Laser Surface Texturing and the Relative Equipments

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Nanostructured silicon coupled with Iron Oxide Magnetic Nanoparticles as Enhanced Desorption/Ionization on Silicon Mass Spectrometry for Phosphopeptide Analysis

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Potential of Water‐Responsive Materials to Harvest Energy from Evaporation

Rapid prototyping bacterial spore hygro-actuators for soft robotics and adaptive materials

Magnetically Aligned Nanotubes in Nanocomposite Membranes for High-Performance Filtration Applications

Research on human-computer interaction technology based on electrical detection technology

nano Droplet Array Plates (nDAPs): 3D Cell Culture in Anchored Hydrogel Droplets Compatible with Conventional Microplates

Design and Simulation of Electrostatic Imaging System based on MEMS

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Gait Analysis and Classification of Restricted Knee

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Research of Transfer Technique of High-Quality Aluminum Thin-Film for Bio-Sensing

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Sensing voltage change across a lipid bilayer

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Ag/Ag3PO4-doped BiPO4 heterostructures and their photocatalytic applications under visible light irradiation

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Efficiency of different chitosan and its derivative nanoparticles for delivery of recombinant plasmid of Tibetan pig interleukin-7 gene and regulation effect in vivo on immune responses of mice