advanced nanomanufacturing

Multilayer co-extrusion processing of PS/TPV/CNTs nanocomposites

advanced oxidation processes

Adsorption of paracetamol onto carbon nanomaterials and degradation by ultrasonic and gamma radiation

Immobilization of TiO2 nanopowders in multilayer fluorinated coatings for highly efficient clear and turbid wastewater remediation


A Novel Approach to Reducing Water and Energy Consumption in Oil Production


Development of a new thermally insulating and structural green concrete for lean constructions

Structural Determination of Silica-Based Fire-Proof Heat Insulation


Aerosolization of Carbon Nanotubes Using an Acoustic Generator: Particle Generation and Properties

aerosol flame reactor

Modeling and simulation of nanoparticle production in an aerosol flame reactor

aerosol jet

Aerosol Jet Printed Functional Nanoinks with High Reliability and Reconfigurability


Aerosolization of Carbon Nanotubes Using an Acoustic Generator: Particle Generation and Properties


Advanced Aerospace Applications for Carbon Nanotube Materials

aerospace composites

Manufacturing of a Continuous CNT Rollstock

affinity chromatography

Fluorescent-Plasmonic Quantum Dot-Gold based Nanohybrids: Basic Research for Next Generation Materials and Tracking of Biological Events


In vitro reduction of mycotoxins and other inflammatory mediators from whole blood using CytoSorb® hemoadsorbent polymer beads


Investigation on capillary force of nanoscale water cluster using a Hybrid AFM-MEMS System

Nanoanalysis of Gas Assisted Ion Etching of High Density Polyethylene using FIB/SEM Platforms for the Development of Functional Surfaces

The Effect of Sintering Conditions on the Formation of Hydroxyapatite-Boron Nitride Nanocomposites

AFM-Based Fabrication of a Nanofluidic Device for Medical Applications

Nanostructural and biochemical property changes in activation-induced CD8+ T cell apoptosis utilizing AFM and Raman spectroscopy

Nanocharacterization Studies on Surface Modified Nanoporous Gold Films for Sensor Applications