CNT reinforced Aluminum composite

Synthesis, Characterization and magnetic properties of Graphene /Nickel nanocomposites: The role of reducing agent on nanoparticle size and morphology

Copper/CNT composite materials with enhance mechanical and termal properties

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composite film

Development of the Electro-Friction Effect in the Semiconductor Particles / Thermoplastic Resin Composite Film

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A Novel Composite Nanostructured Calcium Silicate – Calcium Carbonate Material Produced from Geothermal Water and its Environmental Remediation and Industry Applications

composite materials

Batch Sorption of Ciprofloxacin on Kaolinitic Clay and nHematite Composite: Equilibrium and Thermodynamics Studies

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Electrospun Functional Poly(ether amide) Composite Nanofibres

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Lightning Strike Protection and Electromagnetic Interference Shielding for Composite Structures using Metallic Nanofilms


Advanced Aerospace Applications for Carbon Nanotube Materials

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