Inkjet Printing of High κ-Dielectric Ceramic/Polymer Composite Thick Films


Pulsed Laser Deposition: From the Laboratory to the Industry

compressed air

Efficiency Improvement Techniques for Liquid Piston based Ocean Compressed Air Energy Storage

Preliminary Performance Evaluation of a Ground-Level Integrated Diverse Energy Storage (GLIDES) Prototype System

compressed air energy storage (CAES)

MaimAir: A Flexible and Modular Energy Storage System for Tomorrow Energy Banks

compressor stalls

Optimization of Natural Gas Turbines for Greater Resiliency and Quick Starts for Adaptive islanding

computational design

Computational Design of Inhibited Primers

computational fluid dynamic model

Designing Ultrathin Film Composite Membranes: Importance of a Gutter Layer

computational materials design

Nonholonomic Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics for Computational Materials Design

computational modeling

Theoretical Synthesis of Mixed Materials for CO2 Capture Applications

Potential of Water‐Responsive Materials to Harvest Energy from Evaporation

computational simulations

Effect of length and radius of singlewall carbon nanotube on its mechanical properties


Numerical modeling of the effect of field configurations on the magnetic nanoparticle delivery

concentration polarization

2-butoxyethanol as a Draw Solution for Forward Osmotic Application


Polymer Gels: Fracture, Friction, Healing and Superabsorbency

Thin-shell Concrete Structures for Low Embodied and Operating Energy and Durability

Polymer Gels: Fracture, Friction, Healing and Superabsorbency

Crement & Concrete: Where are we going

A Novel Composite Nanostructured Calcium Silicate – Calcium Carbonate Material Produced from Geothermal Water and its Environmental Remediation and Industry Applications

concussive head injury

TiO2 nanowired delivery of a Chinese traditional medicine DL-3-n-butylphthalide (DL-NBP) induces profound neuroprotection in concussive head injury