conjugated imine derivatives

Fluorescent post-synthetic modified MOFs for methane sensing

consistent couple stress theory

An All-in-One Nanomechanical Bio-nanofluidic System for Possible Applications as Sensor and Actuator in Precise Drug Delivery

consumer exposures

Nanomaterials in Food and Food Contact Substances - Hazards, Risks and Regulation

contact angle

Wettable Slippery Surfaces. Self-cleaning Effect and Mechanism

contact electroplating

The Electrochemical Printing Technique (EPT) for Flexible Electronics

contactless viscoelasticity measurements

A new at-line quality and process control technology for real-time testing of viscoelastic changes in dairy and food products

contaminated water

Controlled Release Polymers for Remediation of Contaminated Groundwater

continuous flow reactor

Uptake Behavior of Glycoconjugated and Micellar-Encapsulated Quantum Dots on HeLa Cervical Cancer Cells

continuous polymer coating

Continuous Production of Polymer Coated Drug Crystals, Particles and Nanoparticles by Hollow Fiber Membrane-based Cooling Crystallization and Anti-solvent Crystallization

continuous processing

Atmospheric Pressure Spatial ALD onto Powders with Conventional Powder Handling Equipment

continuous-flow process

A plasma electrochemistry reactor enabling the rapid and continuous-flow synthesis of gold and platinum group metal (PGM) nanoparticles

contrast agent

Nephrotoxicity of Dextran Functionalized Graphene Nanoparticles and Their Potential as Magnetic Imaging Contrast Agents for Renal Abnormalities

controlled release

Nitric oxide releasing PLGA microspheres for biomedical applications

Abuse Prevention by Controlled Release of Opioids from Micro to Nano-structured Silica Xerogel Delivery Systems

Controlled Release Polymers for Remediation of Contaminated Groundwater

An Enzyme-Responsive Controlled Release Drug Delivery System Based on Mesoporous Silica and DNA

Bilayer coated ureteral stent as drug delivery platform to treat ureteric diseases

Alginate/Montmorillonite nancomposites for the delivery of curcumin

controlled wetting

Roll-to-roll application of photocatalytic TiO2 nanoparticles for printed functionality


Energy and Nanomaterials: Interfacial Synergy