gel treatment

Plugging and improving oil recovery performance of polyacrylamide nanogel in porous media


A new at-line quality and process control technology for real-time testing of viscoelastic changes in dairy and food products


Biodiesel Co-product Utilization: Glycerol-derived Films for use in Commercial Applications


Silver coated carbon nanotubes regulate virulence gene expression in Salmonella Typhimurium

Effect of silver coated carbon nanotubes on metabolically essential gene expression and outer membrane protein profile of Escherichia coli

gene delivery

Self-assembling peptide dimers with multifunctionalities for gene delivery systems

gene delivery system

The characterization and reductive degradation behavior study of bioreducible crosslinked polypropylenimine dendrimers for gene delivery systems

gene expression

Efficiency of different chitosan and its derivative nanoparticles for delivery of recombinant plasmid of Tibetan pig interleukin-7 gene and regulation effect in vivo on immune responses of mice

miRNA Expression Analysis in HEp-2 Cells after Gold Nanorod Application

gene therapy

HA-decorated nanoparticles as tumour-targeting nucleic acids carriers

gene/gene cluster editing

Reviving natural product and drug discovery pipelines with fungal artificial chromosome (FAC) technology


High-voltage Edge-rounded Adjustable Trapezoidal Waveform Generators

genetic engineering

Systems biology and pathway engineering enable Saccharomyces cerevisiae to utilize C-5 and C-6 sugars simultaneously for cellulosic ethanol production

genetically modified organisms

The maximization of hydrogen rhythmic production in large scale photobioreactors from genetically modified microalgae biomass


Evaluation of the genotoxic potential of different types of nanofibrillated celluloses


Reduction in HDPE geomembrane thermal expansion using nanoclay particles


Electro Pulse Boring: An Experimental Rock-breaking Technology for Low-cost Access to Ubiquitous, Inexhaustible, Autonomous, Ultra-deep (5-10 km) Geothermal Heat

A Novel Composite Nanostructured Calcium Silicate – Calcium Carbonate Material Produced from Geothermal Water and its Environmental Remediation and Industry Applications

gesture recognition

Research on human-computer interaction technology based on electrical detection technology


Strong, controllable, robust, and scalable graphene n-doping for optoelectronic and micro/nano-electronic applications