Nanodelivery of drugs for therapeutic strategies in CNS disorders. Current and Future perspectives


Biofilm as a versatile stablizer and promoter for Pd nanoparticle (PdNP) recovery and catalytic denitrification


Objectification Parallel Computing: A Real-time Solution for Big Data Computing


Dex40-GTMAC3, modified dextran as a novel heparin antagonist


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Cyber-Physical Magnetic Field Sensors


Application of a Next Generation Hand Held Antimicrobial Cold Plasma Technology


Piezoelectric actuators, next driver for MEMS market?

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Effect of the Consolidation Techniques on the Mechanical Properties of Nanocrystalline Ti55C45 Powders Prepared by Mechanically Induced Self-Propagating Reaction

hard surface cleaning

Thermal Transformation of Aqueous Lignin Suspension into Nanoparticle Dispersion and Its Associative Properties


Structure and Mechanical Properties of Cr(Al)N/Al2O3 Nanocomposite Hard Coatings Fabricated by Differential Pumping Cosputtering

harsh environment sensing

Distributed Monitoring of Soil and Groundwater during In-Situ Thermal Remediation Using Fiber Optic Sensors


Studying the Microalgae Growth and Stable Nanoemulsion Production Systems for Environmental Mitigations


Characterization of Inkjet-printed Explosive Materials

hazard communication

Characterization of Nanoparticles in Wood Coating Stains and OSHA HazCom Compliance

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Investigating an Inkjet Printer for Standardized Sample Preparation

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Environmentally Friendly Protective Coatings for Metals and Alloys

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FastOx® Gasification: An Integrated Solution to Zero Waste


Inkjet Printing of High Index Zirconia Nanocomposite Materials


Reduction in HDPE geomembrane thermal expansion using nanoclay particles