Production of NSAID pharmaceutical molecular liquids via RESS processing


Durable Superhydrophobic Coatings for Icephobic Applications


MedeA: An environment for ICME starting with atoms, and what we can learn from it


Characterization of Nanosilica Release from a Weathered Nanosilica/Polyurethane Coating


The TubeClear® System – On the Market for Clearing Clogged Feeding Tubes – and Evaluating Increasingly Challenging Tubes in the Body: NSF SBIR Funded Medical Device Platform


A Hybrid Process Design Kit: Towards Integrating CMOS and III-V Devices

illicit drug

A fluorescent nanosensor base on magnetic silica nanoparticles as illicit drug vapor logic gate


Multilayer optical strip for illumination, imaging and analysis

image-guided surgery

A Multifunctional Theranostic Nanoplatform for Image-Guided Surgery and Intraoperative Therapy


Multilayer optical strip for illumination, imaging and analysis

Advanced Packaging for Next Generation Imaging and Sensor Devices

imidazolium salts

Surface Treatment of Kevlar® Polyaramid Fibers with Imidazolium Dicationic-based Ionic Liquids


Immobilization of TiO2 nanopowders in multilayer fluorinated coatings for highly efficient clear and turbid wastewater remediation

Effect of polymer ratio on nZVI loading onto electrospun nanofiber mat for mitigating groundwater contaminants

immune response

Efficiency of different chitosan and its derivative nanoparticles for delivery of recombinant plasmid of Tibetan pig interleukin-7 gene and regulation effect in vivo on immune responses of mice

Dex40-GTMAC3, modified dextran as a novel heparin antagonist

immune responses

Nanostructured lipid carriers as delivery systems of chemically grafted protein antigens


Bioabsorbable Anti-inflammatory Material: A Novel Protein-Conjugated Polymer with Applications in the Implantable Medical Device Field


Modular Nanoparticle Probes for Personalized in Vitro and in Vivo Imaging of Cancer Cell Populations

impact resistant

Customized Manufacture of Protective Headgear for Primary Prevention of Fall Related Traumatic Brain Injuries