Zn(Ⅱ)-Based Metal-Organic Framework/Nafion® Composite Membrane with High Proton Conductivity for Fuel Cell Applications

MOF. urea

Retention of urea and caffeine on copper MOF


Novel electrospun PVA/Fe-MOF nanofibres as a super adsorbing material of lead ions in aqueous solution

moisture diffusion

Model Study for Thermal Deformation and Creep Behavior of Polymers Considering Moisture Diffusion

molecular doping

Integration of graphene into nanoelectronic devices: insights from atomistic simulations

molecular dynamics

Synthesis of {111}-faceted Au Nanocrystals Mediated by Polyvinylpyrrolidone: Insights from Density-Functional Theory and Molecular Dynamics

AFM-Based Fabrication of a Nanofluidic Device for Medical Applications

Computational study of structural dependence of catalytic properties of Pt-Ru nanoalloy catalysts

Design and Simulation on Nanoelectromechanical bi-layer Graphene Nanoribbon Device with Graphene Nanoflake Shuttle

The fracture behavior of SiC/Cu interpenetrating phase nanocomposites: A molecular dynamics study

Effect of CNT Morphology and Alignment on the Interfacial and the Elastic Properties of Nanocomposites

Raney Nickel Catalyst - A Molecular Modeling Study

Molecular Modeling of Carbon-Based Electrochemical Double Layer Capacitors

Modeling and Simulation on Crossroad-Type Graphene-Resonator Accelerometer

molecular self-assembly

Rheological Characterization of a Novel Viscoelastic Surfactant for Subsurface Applications

molecular simulation

Confinement Chemistry in Self-Assembling Polymer-Metal Nanoreactors


Fabrication and characterization of quantum dots with carbon nanotube-molecule heterojunctions

molybdenum retention

Pore Size and its Effect on Molybdenum Retention in Mesoporous Alumina

MOMP (major Outer Membrane Protein)

Physio-structural and immunological characterization of a PLGA 85/15 encapsulated Chlamydia recombinant MOMP nanovaccine candidate


Micro-Opto-Mechanical Pressure Sensor (MOMPS) in Sin Integrated Photonics Platform