Infrared active nanoprobes for bio-medical imaging based on inorganic nanocrystals


Nanodelivery of drugs for therapeutic strategies in CNS disorders. Current and Future perspectives

nanodelivery of cerebrolysin

TiO2-nanowired delivery of cerebrolysin thwarts exacerbation of sleep deprivation induced decline in regional brain derived neurotrophic factor, brain pathology and behavioral dysfunctions following emotional stress

Nanodelivery of cerebrolysin reduces depressive stress induced exacerbation of Alzheimer’s disease brain pathology following amyloid-beta peptide infusion

Nanodelivery of cerebrolysin reduces functionalized Gold Nanoparticles induced Blood-brain barrier disruption, brain edema formation and brain pathology


Toward Engineering Fluorescent nanodiamonds


Nanodielectrics for use in HVDC power systems and their structure-property relationships using Chemometric methods


Carbon NanoDots for Selective Optical Cation Detection

nanodrug delivery

Timed release of cerebrolysin using titanate nanospheres induces neuroprotection in Parkinson’s Disease


Proposal of a router circuit based on nanoelectronic devices

nanoelectronic devices

Integration of graphene into nanoelectronic devices: insights from atomistic simulations


Design of new single-electron information-processing circuit mimicking behavior of swarm of honeybees

nanoelectronics characterization

Nanoelectronic Structural Information with Scanning Probe Microscopes


Studying the Microalgae Growth and Stable Nanoemulsion Production Systems for Environmental Mitigations


Aluminum Nanocomposite Materials for Propellant Applications


Polymerized Ionic Liquid Films in Strong Electric Fields: Ion Transport and Nanopatterning

DNA Double-Write Photolithography: A Synergy for Top-Down and Bottom-Up Nanofabrication

Microfluidic platform for studies of self-organizing processes in a bacterial cell

Fabrication of Conductive Nanoporous Membranes using Self-Assembling Block for Electrically Controlled Diffusive Flow

Nanofabrication with Lanthanum Hexaboride (LaB6) for Nanoscale Vacuum Electronics