Numerical and Experimental Investigation in Replicating a Micro-Featured Surface with the Injection Molding Process


Computational study of structural dependence of catalytic properties of Pt-Ru nanoalloy catalysts


Controlled synthesis of metal@fullerene nanoarchitectures for catalysis

nanobiomimetic crossing-nanotubes

Organic Nanobiomimetic Memristor/Memcapacitor Devices Ultrasensitive Direct Detect Matrix Matelloproteinase-2 in Human Serum

nanobiomimetic memristor/memcapacitor

Nanobiomimetic Memristor/Memcapacitor Devices Used for Direct and Reagent-less Detection of Sub pM Acetyl Coenzyme A in Milks

Nanobiomimetic Memristor/memcapacitors’ Function as a Voltage Sensor for Direct and Reagent-free Detection of sub pg Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) in Milks for Children

nanobiomimetic neuronal memcapacitor

A Nanobiomimetic Neuronal Memcapacitor Serves as a Voltage Sensor and an Amperometry Sensor for Reagent-less Direct Detection of Sub pM Soluble Amyloid-beta

Nanobiomimetic Memcapacitor Memory Devices Identify Circadian Rhythm Dysfunction and Predict Early Signs of “Epilepsy” Using Reentrant Energy-Sensory Images

Acetylcholine Repairs the Amyloid-beta Damage on Brain Circuitry and Memory Loss From a “Mutated Biomimetic Acetylcholinesterase” Neuronal Memcapacitor During Slow-Wave Sleeping


Plasmonic Nanocages as Photothermal Transducers for Laser Induced Heating and Bubble Generation

Plasmonic Nanocages as Photothermal Transducers for Laser Induced Heating and Bubble Generation


Skin permeation of hydrophobic drugs loaded into polymeric nanoparticles


Ni-supported Pd nanoparticles: a new catalyst for low-temperature ammonia cracking


Green Fenton-like catalysts for the removal of water pollutants


Allyl, glycidyl methacrylate and cyclodextrin-modified nanocelluloses. Preparation, characterisation and adsorption-release specific properties

Preparation, Characterization and Application of Nanocellulose


Nanocharacterization Studies on Surface Modified Nanoporous Gold Films for Sensor Applications


Reduction in HDPE geomembrane thermal expansion using nanoclay particles


Characterization of Nanosilica Release from a Weathered Nanosilica/Polyurethane Coating


The Effect of Sintering Conditions on the Formation of Hydroxyapatite-Boron Nitride Nanocomposites