Renewables-source Hydrogen Systems: Alternatives to Electricity for Transmission, Storage, and Integration

Energy management strategies for Industrial facilities in the U.S.

Solar battery program in Austria - innovative solutions for increasing solar coverage

storage phosphor

Novel fatty-acid assisted co-precipitation method for synthesis of the SrAl2O4:Eu2+, Sm3+ storage phosphor nanoparticles


Effect of length and radius of singlewall carbon nanotube on its mechanical properties

strain effect

Mobility Enhancement from Process-Induced Stress of T-FinFET and Compact Model Development

strategy start-up

The benefits and challenges of Industry-Start Up-University collaboration for product development

stratum corneum

Solid State and Diffusion NMR Spectroscopy as Applied to Characterization of Complex Formulated Products and Biological Materials


Probing Nanoscale Composites, Interfaces, and Damage Gradients with In-Situ and Ex-Situ Multiscale Mechanical Methodologies


Field Application of Nanoparticle-Based Invert Emulsion Drilling Fluids


Effect of length and radius of singlewall carbon nanotube on its mechanical properties

stress tolerance

Tolerant yeast in situ detoxifies major class of toxic chemicals while producing ethanol


Design and Evaluation of a Highly Stretchable and Conductive Thin Film for Tactile Sensors

stretchable devices

Stretchable electronic devices using novel material and structural approaches

stretchable electronics

Wearable and flexible electronic devices: Market forecasts 2015-2025

Stretchable Gas and UV Sensors towards Wearable Electronics

structural biology

Neutron Scattering for Biological Research: Progress at the Bio-SANS Beam Line

structural relaxations

Peering into polymer dynamics in carbon nanocomposites

structure/activity relationships

Optical Fluorescence Microscopy for Spatially Characterizing Electron Transfer across a Solid-Liquid Interface on Heterogeneous Electrodes

structuring of liquids

The Unbeatable Beet: The Power Of Microcellulosic Fibers Unraveled