T cell activation

Nanostructural and biochemical property changes in activation-induced CD8+ T cell apoptosis utilizing AFM and Raman spectroscopy

targeted drug delivery

An Integrated Biometric Platform for Evaluation of Targeted Drug Delivery

An Integrated Biometric Platform for Evaluation of Targeted Drug Delivery

Molecular toolkits for engineering of self-navigating drug delivery vehicles

Self-navigating drug delivery nanovehicles driven by polyvalent multifunctional phages and their promiscuous proteins

targeted nanoparticles

Influence of conjugating folic acid and methotrexate on physicochemical properties of P(CL)-mPEG nanoparticles


Carcinoma cellular uptake, imaging, and targeting by RGDS- and TAT-conjugated upconversion and/or magnetic nanoparticles

tatanium implant

Comparing Biocompatibility of Titanium Orthopaedic Implants With and Without an Ultra-thin Coating of TiO2 by Ion Beam Assisted Deposition


Multi-layer Thermal Barrier Coating of a New Architecture


Novel Nanoeletromechanical Switches for VLSI Power Integrity Improvement

techno-economic assessment

TechnoEconomicEnvironmental Assessment Method for CO2Utilization in Chemicals Production Based on Evidence from StartUps and Literature


Synthesis and Characterisation of Nano-Sized Triphenylphosphine Capped bis(4-methylpiperazine-1-carbodithioato) zinc(ll)

Facile synthesis of graphene and its application in the preparation of L-Asparginase based sensor obtained from Bacillus cereus strain for the detection of leukemia

Comparative HRTEM Examination of Carbon Black and Soot Structures

Laser Annealing Nanoscale Carbons: Material Transformations


Optofluidic Temperature and Pressure Measurements with Fiber Bragg Gratings Embedded in Microfluidic Devices

Investigating the Effects of Media and Light Sources on the Growth of Botryococcus Braunii

temperature measurement

Self-Sustained Infrared Temperature Sensor Arrays

temperature sensor

Silicon Photonic Temeprature Sensors

Thermoelectric temperature sensors by printing with a simple office inkjet printer