Advanced Materials: TechConnect Briefs 2015Advanced Materials TechConnect Briefs 2015

Nanoscale Materials Characterization Chapter 1

Fabrication of Electroless Plated Nano Porous Gold Film for Trace Heavy Metal Ion Detection In Sensor Applications

S. Bhagavathula, S.R. Ramanan, S.K. Kim, J.N. Krishnan
BITS Pilani, K. K. Birla Goa Campus, India

pp. 51 - 54

Keywords: electroless plating, NPGF, heavy metal ion, CV, sensor

Nano porous gold film was fabricated by electroless plating with Potassium Gold Cyanide as plating solution. E-beam deposited Cu substrates were chosen for plating. The electroless plated gold was investigated through XRD and SEM. SEM studies revealed the pore size to be 100+20 nm. Electrode behavior of NPGF was studied using Cyclic Voltammetry with a 3-electrode cell configuration. Electrochemical active surface areas of E-beam and fabricated NPGF gold electrodes were determined using Potassium Ferricyanide as the electrolyte. Both 2 mm and 25 μm gold disc electrodes were used as standards for comparison. CVs were also conducted in PBS buffer to characterize NPGF as an electrochemical sensor for heavy metal ion detection. A 10-fold increase in EASA was found with NPGF than that of the E-beam gold thin film proving NPGF on further surface modification is an effective gateway to build nanosensors for heavy metal ion detection.