Advanced Materials: TechConnect Briefs 2015Advanced Materials TechConnect Briefs 2015

Nanoparticle Synthesis & Applications Chapter 5

Tracking Nanoparticles in Biological Fluids using Single Particle ICP-MS

C. Stephan, C.M. Cirtiu
PerkinElmer, Canada

pp. 290 - 293

Keywords: nanopartciles, biological fluids, SP-ICP-MS, drug delivery

Single Particle-ICP-MS is a new operating mode in ICP-MS that is dedicated to the analysis of engineered nanoparticles (ENPs) commonly used in Nanomedicine and drug delivery systems. Single Particle (SP-ICP-MS) allows the differentiation between ionic and particulate signals, quantitation of both ionic and particulate fractions, measurement of particle composition, concentration (part/mL), particle size, and size distribution, and assists in monitoring agglomeration. The present work explores the use of SP-ICP-MS as a metrology tool for the analysis of engineered nanoparticles in biological matrices (blood, urine). Preliminary results show that Au ENPs (30 and 60 nm) are stable in diluted blood and urine. No change in the size of Au ENPs and/or concentration was noticed during the 24h study period. SP-ICP-MS is rapidly becoming a key analytical instrument in assessing the fate, behavior and distribution of (ENPs) in several types of matrices1,2 including biological fluids such blood and urine.