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Welcome to the TechConnect Newsletter! The TechConnect community provides a powerful solution for catalyzing commercialization, partnership and licensing of emerging technology. Each month, we will feature exciting technology and venture profiles, technology-focused corporate profiles, and leading news items from the global business technology community.
Corporate Profiles:

Naoki “Nick” Sugimoto, Honda Strategic Venturing, Honda Motor Company
Nick Sugimoto speaks to TechConnect about the various technology areas of interest to Honda, and gives a preview of his presentation at the TechConnect Summit in Boston. [more]

Mark Mielke, BASF Future Business GmbH
BASF Venture Capital GmbH strategically invests risk capital into start up enterprises. [more]

Physical Sciences:

IP Snapshot: Outstanding interpolation algorithm for image and video processing
The technology is an image-processing algorithm that enhances the quality of image and videos. [more]

Venture Profile: Analog Bridge
Analog Bridge poses the following value proposition: Imagine a “smart,” all purpose, inter-connective device, the size of your watch that replaces your cell phone, PDA, MP3, wallet, house & cars keys. The company believes they have created an enabling technology to support such a device. [more]

Life Sciences:

IP Profile: Closed Loop Blood Glucose Control
A research team from Boston University has invented an algorithm for dynamically assessing and predicting glucose level in an individual to form the basis of a system for continuous glucose control. [more]

Venture Profile: Aphios
Aphios has developed an improved biomass pretreatment process [the CFC process] that has the combined capability to defibrate biomass at low operating temperatures [US Patent Pending]. [more]

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