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Welcome to the TechConnect Newsletter! The TechConnect community provides a powerful solution for catalyzing commercialization, partnership and licensing of emerging technology. Each month, we will feature exciting technology and venture profiles, technology-focused corporate profiles, and leading news items from the global business technology community.
Corporate Profile:

Lockheed Martin
Mr. Bjornulf White is manager of business development at Lockheed Martin MS2, a business unit of Lockheed Martin with more than 12,000 employees. He is responsible for identifying and championing strategic opportunities that leverage core capabilities in new markets, such as the energy and health care sectors. [more]

Physical Sciences:

IP Profile: Nanoswitches based on Crystalline Conductive Polymer Nanoneedles
As the density of electronic circuits increases, electronic researchers are looking to nano-scale devices. Typical organic nanoswitches are slow (~ minutes) and are difficult to produce. Our conductive polymer nanocrystal system has switching times on the order of milliseconds and is scalable. This invention will allow for use of this nanoswitch system in conventional commercial micro or nanocircuits. [more]

Venture Profile: Terepac Corporation
Terepac Corporation is developing a proprietary process to facilitate production of novel end products unencumbered by lower limit chip size. This breakthrough process unleashes Moore's Law cost, form and function advantages to create a galaxy of new products, new markets and new customers. [more]

Venture Profile: UltraViolet Dioxide
UltraViolet Dioxide’s technology aims to provide an effective, economical chlorine dioxide production solution to the unavoidable challenge of high volume disinfection and bleaching. [more]

Life Sciences:

IP Profile: Imaging Adsorption Sensor (IAS) – Label­free detection of Molecular Binding to Surfaces
Imaging Adsorption Sensor (IAS) offers a novel technology based on white light interference for film thickness measurements with sub­molecular resolution and an extremely high dynamic range. The strength of the label-free technology lies in the low-cost optical setup and the capability of real-time imaging readout. [more]

Venture Profile: NanoAxis
NanoAxis creates functionalized quantum dots for drug/gene delivery and customized medical devices using patented quantum dot development and manufacturing. [more]

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