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TechConnect World Innovation Conference
May 14 - 17, 2017, Washington DC

Graphene Quantum Dots Based on Coal Sources, Dotz Ltd.


Most quantum-dots available today are extremely expensive and toxic. Our graphene quantum-dots are derived from coal by a cheap and efficient patented production process. Due to their source, the dots are water-soluble, nontoxic and resist photobleaching. This allow Dotznano to profitably penetrate the quantum dot market in several different applications.

Primary Application Area: Materials, Chemical

Technology Development Status: Proven Manufacturability



Graphene quantum dots (GQDs) is a class of graphene nanomaterials with exceptional photoluminescence properties. Because of their tunable photoluminescence, high photostability, low cytotoxicity, and excellent biocompatibility, graphene GQDs show promising applications in various fields. Most GQD’s available today are produced from expensive raw materials, such as graphene or carbon fibers. This makes GQD’s extremely expensive, with high cost production processes manufacturing very small amounts of GQDs. Dotznano production of GQDs is based on a process developed by Rice University’s Prof. James Tour, one of the leading scientists and listed as one of the 50 most influential scientists in the world today. Dotznano technology sources GQD’s from cheap coal in an efficient production process. GQDs are derived from various coals, producing GQDs between 2 and 80 nanometers, with a 20%production yield! Due to their source, the dots are water-soluble, nontoxic and resist photobleaching. Using a simple and efficient patented production process allow Dotznano to profitably penetrate the market in several different applications. All involved in this market agree that this discovery can really change the quantum dot industry.



Value Proposition: While Dotznano GQD's are suitable for use in the conventional QD market (such as healthcare, displays, lighting, etc.) it is in the unconventional QD markets that Dotznano will make a high value proposition for the industry. It is in these lower end market that the cheaper and efficient Dotznano GQD's will have maximum affect such as laundry detergents, textiles, colors and paints, paper production, water management, security application, cosmetics, coatings and more. In this cases these low end markets, due to the high price of QDs, could not sustain using QDs in their production processes. In this light, Dotz GQDs will be able to penetrate these markets, due to the lower costs of coal derived GQDs. Due to a cheaper and more efficient production process, the market price for Dotznano's GQD's will be much cheaper than conventions QD production, allowing these lower end markets to utilize the advantages of GQD's without the toxicity or higher price.



National Innovation Awardee

Organization Type: Mid-stage Startup (A or B)




External Funding to Date: All R&D funds were invested by private investors