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Rapid enrichment of Viable Bacteria Using Magnetic Ionic Liquids for PCR Amplification and Culture-Based Diagnostics
ISU researchers have developed new molecules with an accompanying method to preconcentrate bacteria for rapid detection for food safety testing.

3D Printing Embedded Nanofibers with an Automated On-the-fly Manual Pull Post-drawing System
The system is a combination 3D printer and an automated manual pull post-drawing system designed for producing different polymer parts with perfectly aligned nanofibers. The embedded nanofibers can produce strong parts and prosthetics with minimal waste for aerospace, biomedical, cosmetics, healthcare, electronics, and infrastructure applications.

A method to Initiate Radical Polymerisations Without Exogenous Initiators
A new method that eliminates the need to store and monitor flammable and toxic initiators, allows reactions to be conducted at ambient temperatures and does not require end-product purification. The method generates radicals without the use of exogenous initiators, which can be applied to a wide range of polymers.

PolyProtek: Platform for Delivering and Stabilizing Therapeutic Biologics, Vaccines, and Industrial Enzymes
UCLA researchers have developed polymers that stabilize proteins for industrial or therapeutic use more effectively than existing methods. The polymers are easily broken down by the body, so they can be used to deliver drugs in patients without causing an immune response or reducing the drug’s activity.

Corporate/Investor Spotlights:

Corporate Spotlight Interview: Guardian Glass
TechConnect News speaks with Brent Boyce, Director, Concept Development for Guardian Glass.

Corporate Spotlight Interview: Carestream
Todd Arndorfer, Business Growth Manager for Carestream Health speaks with TechConnect News.

Corporate Spotlight Interview: Owens Corning
TechConnect News speaks with Dr. Chris Skinner, Director Front End Innovation, Owens Corning

Corporate Spotlight Interview: Ashland Performance Materials
Joe Fox, Director, Emerging & External Technologies for Ashland Performance Materials speaks with TechConnect News about their technology/solution interests.

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