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May 14 - 17, 2017, Washington DC

Acoustic MedSystems, Inc.*, TheraVision


The technology employed in Theravision™ is ultrasound, advanced technology for thermal therapy. The technical properties of ultrasound create ability to optimize directionality and tumor conformance. Key benefits of Theravision™ include: technology to precisely shape and conform volume to treatment target; discretionary avoidance of nearby sensitive structures; eliminate undertreatment or complications.

Primary Application Area: Medical Devices

Technology Development Status: Ready to Market



TheraVision™ is an integrated delivery system employing image-guidance, EM tracking, treatment planning and control, and minimally invasive high-intensity ultrasound applicator technology for precision 3D-conformal surgical ablative therapy. Theravision™ has FDA 510k clearance as an approved technology for soft tissue thermal surgery. Theravision™ technology has been proven capable of providing fast, superior spatial control of volumetric thermal ablation and hyperthermia, ideal for minimally invasive treatment of benign and cancerous tumors in sites such as the uterus, spine, prostate, liver, and kidney. One of the transformational technologies employed in Theravision™ is catheter/needle-based high-intensity ultrasound, a proprietary minimally-invasive technology that can precisely shape and conform thermal treatment to a specified target volume, while providing discretionary avoidance of nearby sensitive structures. Additional key features include real-time 3D image-based targeting and treatment monitoring to provide patient customized therapy. In sharp contrast to current thermal therapy technologies (RF, Microwave, and laser), the Theravision™ high-intensity ultrasound system is the only interventional technology that can control the direction, volume and shape of energy (conforming to the tumor) on a dynamic basis, to produce faster and optimal treatment of the target, while minimizing damage to surrounding tissue, delivering patient-specific treatments, and improving clinical outcomes and safety.



Value Proposition: AMS has developed Theravision™, a proprietary, image-guided, minimally invasive precision ultrasound ablation therapy system capable of providing superior treatment for many types of cancer, consisting of a reusable control and monitoring console, and single use catheter or needle based ultrasound ablation applicators, allowing for a "minimally invasive" treatment procedure, which in many cases can be delivered on an outpatient basis. Real time 3-D tracking steers the applicators to the tumor site, and the direction, volume and shape of energy (conforming to the tumor) are controlled on a dynamic basis, providing optimal treatment of the tumor, while minimizing damage to surrounding tissue. It can deliver patient-specific customized treatments, improving clinical outcomes and safety. Theravision™ delivers precise, conformal and rapid volumetric ablation in a sophisticated, yet physician-friendly system.



National Innovation Awardee

Organization Type: Corporation




Vetted Programs/Awards: AMS was featured in the NCI Bypass Budget, with a significant descriptive account of our technology, ( Page 62.

SBIR/STTR Awards: NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE 1,287,961.00 08/01/2014-07/31/2016


NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE 3,150,000.00 08/01/2008-07/31/2013

NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE 3,121,754.00 06/01/2009-05/31/2014

External Funding to Date: AMS has conducted contracted product development for large medical device companies. There are no angel or VC funds. AMS is seeking funding to conduct disease site-specific clinical studies.