Innovation Spotlight: VerLASE Technologies

November 13, 2012 02:03 PM EST By: Jennifer Rocha

TechConnect Innovation Tracking: VerLASE Technologies, a TechConnect Accelerator participant-Santa Clara, CA, 2012

VerLASE Technologies has created a novel resonator which, together with a layered materials approach, enables low cost laser diodes able to emit at wavelengths across the visible spectrum, including direct emission in green, yellow and other colors. The patent pending technology will also enable novel, large area LED structures that obviate the phosphors needed for wavelength conversion with conventional LEDs and that will allow direct color mixing for white light. 

A subsidiary of Versatilis LLC, VerLASE has been created to focus first on laser diodes for the projection markets, then on solid state lighting (SSL).  The company plans to introduce its first commercial product within a year, an optically pumped direct green emitting VCSEL, or Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser.

The parent company Versatilis LLC was funded through founders’ investment and over $4 Million in cumulative SBIR grants from DARPA, MDA, ARL, ONR and DOE.  The federal funding contributed to developing the IP base.  “We now seek up to $3 Million in a first round to help VerLASE Technologies reach its near term goals as a separate, focused venture,” notes George Powch, President and CEO of VerLASE Technologies.

Being selected to present at TechConnect World was of value to VerLASE; this was the second year the company was invited to present in the Venture Forum.  “The fact that TechConnect World included sessions on Nanotech and CleanTech provided us with many networking opportunities and discussions with other companies.  We saw people we knew, which allowed us to reinforce existing relationships.”  Since presenting at the 2012 TechConnect World conference, the company has been in continued talks with a few potential business and investment partners.

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