Innovation Spotlight: Cerebrolysin for treatment of neuropathic pain

April 25, 2014 12:08 PM EST By: Sarah Wenning

Uppsala University, TechConnect 2013 National & Global Innovation Awardee

TechConnect spoke with Professor Hari Sharma of Uppsala University.  He presented his innovation for neuropathic pain at the 2013 TechConnect World-National Innovation Summit in Washington, D.C.

“The Innovation Showcase and presentations, including posters, widened our knowledge and enthralled us for more innovation in closely related fields”, said Sharma.  “Furthermore, we received inspiration and motivation from other inventors - even in quite unrelated fields - to use novel techniques for enhancing our existing models and for further new experiments”, he added.

Cerebrolysin is a balanced composition of neurotrophic factors and active peptides. Its use to treat stroke or traumatic injuries has been well documented. Sharma’s research uses nanowiring of cerebrolysin has showed that neuropathic pain following spinal nerve injury could also be treated effectively with nanowired cerebrolysin.

In Sharma’s laboratory, chronic neuropathic pain is observed in animal models.  Various pathological conditions and behavioral dysfunctions are assessed in laboratory using different drugs in animal models. Cerebrolysin with nanowired delivery is compared to the normal cerebrolysin after various time intervals and to see how far nanowired delivery of cerebrolysin is neuroprotective.  Based on this data, further development of drugs will be carried out to enhance neuroprotection in traumatic injuries to the peripheral or central nervous system.

Ever NeuroPharma and The Society for the Study of Neuroprotection and Neuroplasticity (SSNN) substantially enhanced Sharma’s study grants on this project to carry out further research on Cerebrolsyin in related areas leading to novel clinical usage. University of Basque Country, Bilbao and Govt. of Basque country also instituted new grants to further develop this study together with Uppsala University. Banaras Hindu University also supported local project grants to study the benefits for soldiers who are the often victims of neuropathic pain.

“TechConnect World is a very good environment to promote and encourage innovation & research in your own area and related fields”, said Sharma.

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