Corporate Spotlight Interview: Part II, with Nanocomp

June 04, 2014 09:32 PM EST By: Jennifer Rocha

TechConnect's Exclusive Follow Up Interview with Mr. Peter Antoinette, President and CEO, Nanocomp
Nanocomp Peter Antoinette

Please describe Nanocomp’s Innovation model and how this helps find and create new innovations.

The Company’s breakthrough in both nano-scale fiber and macro scale production was spawned by entrepreneurs who believed they could achieve innovation in both material science and manufacturing engineering.  The use of public and private capital combined with the fast, agile culture typical of a young, growth oriented startup company drove the pace of innovation.  To spur innovation at the level of both the fiber and the macro structures, the Company proactively engages: the US government for its resources and shared interests in private sector leadership in nanotechnology, advanced manufacturing, clean energy and CO2 reduction; large corporations (and their supply chain) for strategic engagement to solve their customers problems by combining their assets with those of the Company; universities and laboratories to collaborate on materials, applications engineering research; and end use customers to optimize through joint development for problem solving solutions. 

What announcements or exciting actions are occurring within the company now and in the near future?

The Company expects to announce over the coming months: 1) next-stage private equity financing to support its growth; 2) strategic partnerships with corporations and possibly key geographic partners; 3) the first major (multi-million dollar) commercial order for the Company’s sheet products, to be followed next by electrically conductive yarn and tape products, and finally by sheet materials for honeycomb core composites; 4)  ground-breaking on the next phase of manufacturing capacity expansion (to full volume production) at its 100,000 sq. ft. facility; 5) doubling of the workforce in each of the next few years; and 6) at least one, possibly two, Edison Award medals for applied innovation and/or new materials.

How do you leverage external partner relationships to create successful technologies to market?
One example is the Company’s 2011 partnership with Dupont Corporation with focus on two fields of use (armor and honeycomb core structures for transportation) – for Dupont, Nanocomp’s solution set may result in a commercial relationship that may both protect Dupont’s existing business in one or both of these uses while also providing a path to revenue growth not possible without this new material.  For Nanocomp, the Dupont relationship delivers a large, market-leading prospective customer; a credible and experienced partner to tap for insight into scaling from small to large; and a reputation enhancer stemming from Dupont’s size, experience and standing as a world leader.

Who are you looking to meet with at the conference this June?
The TechConnect event provides the Company a platform for engagement with existing and prospective corporate and USG partners.  We hope that the visibility gained through its sponsorship and presence at TechConnect will translate to new partnerships, new resources and new markets for Nanocomp and its products.


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