DOD USSOCOM Broad Agency Announcement

January 27, 2016 01:13 PM EST By: Jennifer Rocha

Deadline: April 14, 2016

This BAA is intended to solicit extramural research and development ideas, and is issued under the provisions of the Competition in Contracting Act of 1984 (Public Law 98-369), as implemented in Federal Acquisition Regulation 6.102(d) (2) and 35.016. This announcement provides a general description of USSOCOM’s research areas of interest, general information, evaluation and selection criteria, and proposal/application preparation instructions. In accordance with FAR 6.102, projects funded under this announcement must be for basic and applied research and that part of development not related to the development of a specific system or hardware procurement. Projects must be for scientific study and experimentation directed toward advancing the state-of-the-art or increasing knowledge or understanding. Projects that are for the development of a specific system or hardware procurement will not be considered. The selection process is highly competitive and the quantity of meaningful proposal/applications (both pre-proposal/pre-applications and full proposal/full applications) typically received exceed the number of awards that available funding can support. This BAA provides a general description of USSOCOM’s research and development programs, including research areas of interest, evaluation and selection criteria, pre-proposal/pre-application and full proposal/application preparation instructions, and general administrative information. Specific submission information and additional administrative requirements can be found in the document titled “General Submission Instructions” available in along with this BAA.

For more information, visit: and search for record: W81XWH-USSOCOM-BAA-15-1.


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